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the beginning of the end is a trio era harry potter roleplay. we are currently set in 1991 and will be roleplaying through harry's years and beyond. immerse yourself within the pages rowling has created. get involved and even make changes to the story we all know.

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Though the giant oak doors is a small entrance hall. There is a hallway that leads off it as well as the entrance to the dungeons and the marble staircase. There is also a broom closet located nearby.
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The Great Hall is the place where everyone goes to eat their meals, student or professor. The ceiling is charmed to look like the sky, giving it a very open feeling throughout the hall.
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The dungeons are the darkest places in the castle. Full of dangerous corridors as well as potions classrooms, the dungeons are also where the Slytherin Common Room is.
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Below the ground floor is a corridor that leads to the Kitchens and the Hufflepuff Common Room.
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On the first and second floors are the Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Muggle Studies and Transfiguration classrooms as well as Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.
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On the third and fourth floors are the Charms, Basic Healing and Alchemy classrooms as well as the Hospital Wing, Trophy Room and Library.
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On the fifth, sixth and seventh floors are the Arithmancy and Ancient Runes classrooms as well as the Prefects' Bathroom, Room of Requirement and entrance to the Headmaster's Office.
Lost or Not Lost? ON Mar 30 2018, 02:41 PM BY ELLIE MIRREN
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Gryffindor tower is on the seventh floor. The walls are covered with scarlet tapestries, and a fire is always blazing in front of the well-used and comfortable scarlet furniture.
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Ravenclaw's common room is on the west side of the castle. It is one of the airiest rooms in Hogwarts with a wide design and blue and bronze silks over the windows. The domed ceiling is painted with stars.
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The Owlery is located at the top of the west tower, which is where all the owls reside.
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At the top of this tower is where Astronomy classes are held. Sometimes students also visit the top of this tower after hours, when class isn't in session.
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Through a trap door, one can get to the Divination classroom, which is at the top of the North Tower.
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