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the beginning of the end is a trio era harry potter roleplay. we are currently set in 1991 and will be roleplaying through harry's years and beyond. immerse yourself within the pages rowling has created. get involved and even make changes to the story we all know.

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The courtyard is accessable from a door leading off the Entrance Hall. It blooms especially well in the spring and even has a few benches for students to sit down.
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Hogwarts has a large amount of grounds where one can take a stroll during the day or even night. From the pond to the forest and even back to the castle, the lawns stretch far and wide.
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There are many greenhouses, ranging from calm plants all the way to the dangerous ones. Herbology classes are held in these greenhouses.
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There are many creatures that reside in this lake, including mermaids, grindylows and the Giant Squid. Students are allowed to lounge around the lake, but they are advised not to go swimming.
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This is the Quidditch stadium, where all Quidditch practices & games as well as the Flying lessons for the first and second years are held. A team may only practice here if they have booked off the stadium, but if no one is in the field, students are free to practice on their own.
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This forest is forbidden to all students, no matter the circumstances. But that doesn't stop them.
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This is where Hagrid and Fang live when they're not taking care of the grounds. It's a small hut only fit for one.
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