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the beginning of the end is a trio era harry potter roleplay. we are currently set in 1991 and will be roleplaying through harry's years and beyond. immerse yourself within the pages rowling has created. get involved and even make changes to the story we all know.

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In case you're waiting for your muse to come back, we have a few boards for your enjoyment and for you to get to know everyone else a little better.
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Come here to play some games if you're bored. You may make your own as well for others to play.
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Come here to either request a graphic or template or even post up a gallery for others to use (or to show off).
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Come here to either affiliate with us or post your advertisement. Double posting is allowed, but only if you allow it in return and if your ad isn't still on the first page of our Accepted Advertisements board, so check that out first.
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