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the boy who lived has come to hogwarts. news of his arrival is all the buzz - not just at hogwarts, but in the rest of the wizarding world as well. however, there are others who just want to live their lives, ignorant to the dangers that have come through the doors of hogwarts this term as well.



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The holidays are now over, and term has resumed once more. Students will now want to turn their attention to end of year exams, now the time to relax has passed.


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Happy new year! You'll find that time will go by a little more quickly now. Before we know it, term will be over. =o But for now, enjoy the rest of the school year.


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It's now November and it's time for the first Quidditch game of the season!

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 Adjustments & Lunch, OPEN
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 03:54 PM
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ooc note; Vladmir is still fairly new to England. He's still living in Russia as well and goes home when he's not at work. I figured this would be a good way for him to get to know others.

Vladmir still felt like he was getting used to England's Ministry. The environment, alone, was much different from what he was used to in Russia. For one, people greeted one another in passing. Not everybody, but occasionally. In Russia, most people kept to themselves and didn't speak unless it was necessary. Vladmir could react politely to others and eventually, he'd learn to blend in as though he weren't a foreigner. It would just take time.

It was lunch time for many of the ministry officials, and Vlad had chosen to take a seat in the Atrium with his sandwich and juice. In front of him were several scrolls hew as reviewing, and he was compiling a mental task list of things to do when he got back into his office.

A voice interrupted his thoughts asking if the spot near him was taken. Without looking up, Vladmir shook his head and replied politely, "Not at all. Please. Sit."

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