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the boy who lived has come to hogwarts. news of his arrival is all the buzz - not just at hogwarts, but in the rest of the wizarding world as well. however, there are others who just want to live their lives, ignorant to the dangers that have come through the doors of hogwarts this term as well.



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 Was that a snowball?, OPEN
 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 06:51 AM
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It was cold, but still a beautiful day. The sky was a wonderful and welcoming clear blue and cloudless, creating the perfect vista of blue sky and white snow on the grounds surrounding the castle. Elizabeth wanted to be outside. She wanted to run, or fly or do something, but no one seemed to interested, likely put off by the snow that still powdered the grounds, making it a huge effort to dress accordingly just to leave the castle.

She kicked the snow under her boots as she walked, her footsteps becoming long, and stretched behind her. It really was the perfect kind of powder. Perfect for...

Snowballs! How she would love to have a snowball fight right now! The weather was absolutely perfect for it! Having come down to the lawns alone though, she could hardly throw snowballs at herself. That would be no fun, and people would look at her funny. Instead, she looked around as she walked, trying to spot someone who looked like they could use a good snowball thrown at them, whether she knew them or not.

Spotting someone in the distance, sitting on a stump of the tree, she smirked mischieviously, and bent down to form a small pile of snowballs. Then, when she was ready, she aimed, and threw. She struck true, the snowball hitting the other person square in the back, and Elizabeth readied herself quickly with another snowball in hand, as well as a foot in the other direction, in the case she had to make a run for it if said person didn't appreciate strangers throwing snow at them.


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