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 An abandoned bathroom?, OPEN
 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 06:37 AM
first year gryffindor ☆ Muggleborn ☆ 12
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Such a curious thing Hermione had heard, that there was a girls bathroom on the Second Floor that no-one ever used. How strange, she thought to herself when she first overhead it from a couple of older students in the library. She couldn't hear their complete conversation, but she did catch the words 'haunted' and 'ghost' there. Honestly, it was a bathroom. What if you desperately needed to use it? Surely, people weren't so afraid of a ghost to allow a bathroom to become completely abandoned? She just had to see for herself.

So there she was, approaching the girls bathroom off the Second Floor corridor, wondering what could possibly be all the fuss. She pushed open the door. It creaked in protest. Clearly the hinges didn't get much use, seeing as nobody came here. Hermione had, of course, been alone in bathrooms before - Halloween came to mind immediately, but there was certainly something different about being alone in this one. Whether it was bias having heard such tales about the place being haunted, or she simply was still getting over the ordeal on Halloween, she couldn't tell.

"How ridiculous." She thought, but despite this, she found herself tiptoeing slowly, creeping silently along the edge of the wall, leaving the door wide open behind her, just in case she did have to make a run for it. Just in case.

 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 04:27 PM
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A lot of his Slytherin peers liked to express their distaste for Hogwarts castle. They liked to announce how much it paled in comparison to their stately homes and manor houses. Theodore, however, thought it had a lot of charm: particularly the dungeons, where he had an almost morbid curiosity about whether students really used to be chained up there for punishment. Filch certainly seemed to mutter about it all the time...

So Theodore had done a bit of exploring. On the second floor corridor, usually on his way to Transfiguration class, he'd noticed a door with a large OUT OF ORDER sign on it. He wouldn't have thought anything of it, apart from the fact that the sign had been up since he arrived in September. Surely the room would be repaired with magic by now? Then, when he'd asked someone about it, they said it was a girl's bathroom. No one went in there.

But there clearly was someone in there now. Theodore stood, frozen, with several library books clutched to his chest; looking at the open door of this girl's bathroom. Now - it was a girl's bathroom - so the idea of going in there (out of order or not) made him feel slightly giddy. It just... well, it went against... common decency, or something.

The curiosity burned him.

He put the books away in his bag and slung it over his shoulder. Looking left to right, he inched to the open door and... made it through the threshold. It appeared he was holding his breath while doing so, so he suddenly took a large gulp of air again. But when his head appeared around the next corner, he did the slightest of double takes. A ripple of terror, and his eyes widened briefly, but then he realised who it was.

It was that gryffindor girl who kept volunteering to answer the Professor's questions all the time. She actually got on his nerves a bit, and usually he didn't let people bother him. "What are you doing?" He asked, sounding a little exasperated if anything. He just didn't like to be caught off-guard."I don't think you're going to come across anymore mountain trolls in bathrooms..." He'd heard rumours about how Harry Potter and his red-haired friend had fought the one on halloween, just when this girl had thought she could tackle it herself. Theodore's tone wasn't all that friendly, but it wasn't unfriendly. He was a strange one.

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