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welcome to beginning of the end
the boy who lived has come to hogwarts. news of his arrival is all the buzz - not just at hogwarts, but in the rest of the wizarding world as well. however, there are others who just want to live their lives, ignorant to the dangers that have come through the doors of hogwarts this term as well.



Happy new year! You'll find that time will go by a little more quickly now. Before we know it, term will be over. =o But for now, enjoy the rest of the school year.


We have a new skin. We hope you enjoy it. we're nearing 2 months old and will have an activity check up in a few weeks too.


It's now November and it's time for the first Quidditch game of the season!

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 Nick's Plotter
 Posted: Apr 29 2018, 03:25 AM
SLYTHERIN ☆ 11 ☆ Pure Blood



first year
36 Sickles


Nick Sorcier

11 | Slytherin | Single

Hai there! My name is Nick Sorcier. It is French for Wizard. Did you know I am a descendant from Merlin! Well, at least my parents told me that! I can't go back a thousand years in time to check. I hope that it is true. I have been sorted in Slytherin for my ambitiousness in attaining all the knowledge there is to know to get just as good or better than Merlin.

Do you want to see my grade list? Let's rather not! I always seem to score just above average. I am usually not sticking to the exact assignment. They are boring, but you are not! Would you like to plot? Hit me up!

[plotship]Relationship - ????
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