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the boy who lived has come to hogwarts. news of his arrival is all the buzz - not just at hogwarts, but in the rest of the wizarding world as well. however, there are others who just want to live their lives, ignorant to the dangers that have come through the doors of hogwarts this term as well.



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The holidays are now over, and term has resumed once more. Students will now want to turn their attention to end of year exams, now the time to relax has passed.


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 building up, open
 Posted: Apr 21 2018, 07:48 PM
Fourth year ☆ Half Blood ☆ 14
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With it being October, Rolf was finding it chillier and chillier to hang about outdoors. He was determined to build up his tolerance though. He was never going to find anything of interest in the wild if he couldn't withstand being out in the cold for hours. Standing near the lake shore, he was searching for rocks to skip along the surface. He hadn't found a nicely smooth rock just yet but he was holding out hope still.
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