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the beginning of the end is a trio era harry potter roleplay. we are currently set in 1991 and will be roleplaying through harry's years and beyond. immerse yourself within the pages rowling has created. get involved and even make changes to the story we all know.

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 Play-By Claim
 Posted: Mar 1 2018, 04:42 PM
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play-by claim


Just post below to claim the PB you'll be using in all of your graphics for your character. You may not share the same PB unless the characters are related [twins, triplets, etc.].

THERE WILL BE NO RESERVATIONS. If you wish to post here before you're accepted, you won't be added until after you've been accepted.

Your PB must be a person. No anime or drawings.

You may not use the PBs of canons from the Harry Potter movies if you're an original unless that canon is deceased.

All canons must use the face from the movies unless there aren't enough photos to find of that character Ii.e. someone in only a couple of scenes).

If you wish to change your PB, please post below telling us which PB you used to have as well as the one you wish to have with the following code. Please use the code for first time claiming as well.

[b]PLAY-BY NAME IN CAPS[/B] -- character name in lowercase


AFSHAN AZAD -- padma patil
ALICE ISAAZ -- ally bishop
AMANDA SEYFRIED -- libba summerfield
ANNA BELKNAP -- daphne greengrass
CAITY LOTZ -- penelope clearwater
CLAIRE HOLT -- katrina cook
DANIELLE CAMPBELL -- kendra jovan
DOVE CAMERON -- claudia greville
EMMA ROBERTS -- constance greville
EMMA THOMPSON -- sybill trelawney
EMMA WATSON -- hermione granger
FRANCESCA CAPALDI -- liorys cailean
JODELLE FERLAND -- wallis babineaux
KAITIE LEUNG -- cho chang
KAYA SCODELARIO -- invidia matraxia
LILY-ROSE DEPP --morrígan lynch
LINDSAY LOHAN -- eliza cunningham
MACKENZIE FOY -- ellie mirren
MAGGIE SMITH -- minerva mcgonagall
MEGAN FOX -- giovanna nero
NI NI -- min-he hakeshimi
ROWAN BLANCHARD -- heaven singh
SOGOVIA AMIL -- genet bordeaux
SOPHIA BUSH -- katie bell
STEFFANI BRASS -- aurelie charbonneau
TATIANA MASLANY -- lir isherwood
TAYLOR SWIFT -- persephone pierce
WILLOW SHIELDS -- kristyl caldwell
ZOE KRAVITZ -- arachne d'airelle


ALAN RICKMAN -- severus snape
ALEX PETTYFER -- james walsh
ANDY BIERSACK -- davis hendrix
BEN BARNES -- matthew cornfoot
CALLUM TURNER -- terry boot
CHARLES DANCE -- vladmir baranov
CHRIS RANKIN -- percy weasley
DANIEL RADCLIFFE -- harry potter
FIONN CREBER -- rolf scamander
GINO PASQUALINI -- remington heart
GRANT GUSTIN -- connell sutton
IAN HART -- quirinus quirrell
JAKE GYLLENHAAL -- saber norian
JAMES PHELPS -- fred weasley
JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER -- laurent duvauchelle
LOGAN LERMAN -- alexander knight
LOUIS TOMLINSON -- bowman collingwood
LUCAS TILL -- augustus darkwood
LUCKY BLUE SMITH -- zander goode
LUKE BENWARD -- kimball jenkins
MATTHEW DADDARIO -- atlas blackwell
MATTHEW LEWIS -- neville longbottom
NICHOLAS HOULT -- mathias munroe
OLIVER PHELPS -- george weasley
RICHARD HARRIS -- albus dumbledore
ROBERT PATTISON -- cedric diggory
SAM PULLEE -- echo nichols
SIMON VAN MEERVENNE -- septimus waterfield
SKANDER KEYNES -- alex bishop
TOM FELTON -- draco malfoy

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